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Publication Fee

Publication Fee: 428 USD

Click here to pay the publication fee: 

If you face any problems paying the fee, please check the notes below:

Fraud codes:
101 Customer's IP country not match selected country
102 Customer's IP country in block list
103 Customer's IP US state missmatch
104 Fraud card holder
105 Fraud card number
106 Customer's browser language in block list=20
107 Customer's country in block list
108 Fraud email
109 Fraud IP
110 Fraud phone
111 Customer's browser in block list
112 Maximum transactions limit per hour
113 Hour IP limit
114 Multiple attempts with different customer details

 The ip of your computer should be the same as the place from where you have provided your card.
Meanwhile, you should insert the card information (address, card holder’s name, etc) in the system (This might be different from your present living information).
You should not use different names or card information with one email address.
You should not use different cards’ information with one name.

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